Friday, June 17, 2005

the latest helyxzion discovery

Helyxzion the technology of genetic discovery:
Identification of activated Intron-sequences of Chromosome 13 with Helyxzion the Language of DNA TM

Dr. Charles Stevens, Helyxzion, Wisc. US, W.B.Battistutti, Ph.D and M. Missuraca, Ph.D, Biochemicon & Cambridge Univ., UK Sonja Vogel, MD, General Hospital Vienna, Austria; However, since all cancers are based on genetic mutations in body cells, whether they are inherited or triggered by aging or environmental factors, studies on cancer genetics can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment.

While scientists reporting in PNAS have not yet identified a third BRCA gene, they have succeeded in pinpointing its probable location to chromosome 13, in an interval of about five million base pairs. This is the same chromosome that also contains the previously identified BRCA2 gene, discovered in 1995. (BRCA1, discovered in 1994, lies on chromosome 17.)
Mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 impair the body cells’ production of tumour suppressor proteins.

We were able to analyse the whole sequence of Chromosome 13 included all Intron regions with the „Helyxzion Viewer“, and detect a sequence of the “non coding part”, which are involved in the mutation regulation of BRCA2 and could explain, why scientists are looking for BRCA3 and have not found it until now.

With the knowledge of the complete (Introns) translation of Chromosome 13, we developed an Array-chip system for chromosome 13 conditions monitoring and are offering a new system for detection of gene alterations.